What you focus on affects your thoughts

We allow others to control us because we are mainly defenceless against the media’s exploits of our vulnerabilities. Now, I am not opposed to all forms of media. Take a look at every social media platform, news website, streaming website, and app on your smartphone to see how you and I are exploited. I’m attempting to maintain as much control over my attention as possible.

A few pointers on how to exert greater control over your focus

To begin, you must recognise how critical it is to be mindful of your focus. I realised that I must choose which thoughts, images, news, ideas, and messages to expose myself to. Here are a few of the steps I took to accomplish that.

Disable all non-essential notifications.

You can disable notifications for any app on your phone. I avoid using the do not disturb mode because it completely disables notifications. I simply navigate to settings, notifications, and each individual app to disable notifications.

Avoid obtaining information via social media.

On social media, the amount of garbage is unfathomable. If you’re going to use social media, make it a tool for connecting with others. I’m not opposed to social media as a tool. The issue is that the majority of people are unaware that they are being exploited.

That is why it is critical to exercise caution when using social media.

Concentrate on knowledge rather than information

Generally, knowledge is about applying specific information to a particular cause. You know if you use that information to develop an investing strategy. The majority of people acquire a great deal of information but little knowledge. That is because the information is readily available.

However, knowledge acquisition takes time. You might be thinking, «It’s just a social media post, a short video, or an article. When you acquire knowledge , you do so with purpose and purposefulness.

What you focus on affects your thoughts.

Two things are required to alter your thoughts. Ask yourself, «Is this something worthy of my attention? Will this add value to my life? If the answer is no, continue reading.

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