The six steps to build a successful link to help your site be on first page of Google

It can assist you in generating more traffic and attracting new visitors. In this paper, we will discuss the six steps to build a successful link. A strategy that will bring you correct links to your website and the right audience.

Connecting as part of your strategy for growth
In essence, building links can only be linked to your website by other websites. This is why link building should serve as a strategy to reach the right audience and focus on links from websites that generate traffic on your own site.

Learn your audience
This helps you to maintain and expand your current audience with new audiences interested in what you have to offer. Read about your audience to learn. This not only makes it possible to better understand them but also to determine who your audience is and if you reach them at this moment.

Make a list of sites for the public
If you know who your audience is, it is time to list the sites you wish to use. Search for the websites for this audience already. Links from these websites can help you to reach people who may be interested in your website, but don’t yet know. Stay away from spam sites and pay for links and other DON’T links.

Write good contents
Make content that answers a question or solves a problem that your audience is facing. Provide them with the information they are looking for and you not only build confidence but get more links to your page as the value of your content is seen on other websites. Check that your pages and articles are well organised and well written. We have lots of blog postings on SEO content, including SEO Copywriting training courses, if you need more guidance on creating great content.

Compare website content
It is time to dive into the list of websites you created during the second stage when you are happy with the content you have written. Probably these websites are willing to link, as their content fits in with your blog post. More importantly, visitors to your site will be really interested in your content following this link. This is not necessarily a bad thing since very particular contents may also lead to a link to your content from these few websites.

Getting there
It’s time to reach out to them after you decide which website you want to contact. But social media like Twitter are a great way to contact people as well. You can send an email. You should know the website and the audience to which they are dealing to increase your chances of this link. Trying to get a link to a blog post that is very basic and that anyone could write, is less likely to be successful than if you give unique content.

The content you can find on your website only.

E-Commerce Link Building
Many websites are not so keen to link to a product-selling page. Concentrate your content to help your public learn about your product. Answer your questions, demonstrate your expertise on the topic and create content that is interesting to your audience. This increases your chances of finding links.

Go to your network
Contact your business partners will be an easy way to get a few backlinks to your website. You might be interested in linking to one of your blogs. Or perhaps you can even write their website to a guest blog.

Blogger Link Construction
You can also join a group on Facebook, or start guest blogging instead of emailing someone and asking them for a link.

Groups on Facebook
Make sure you don’t find yourself spamming. And when another blogger posts you can drop your link into the comments on a blog post. You’re going to be in their blog post with a bit of luck.

Blogging of Guest
Guest blogging provides another option to link to your website. Not only will you get a link from a website to your page. The reader of that particular blog will also be introduced to you.


building connections is a strategy for growth

A successful linking construction strategy should always seek to bring your website a new and aspired audience.


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