The New Getresponse site A.I builder

The new GetResponse Builder integrates all tools for running a company online. Builder’s website uses artificial intelligence to design complex and visually impressive websites for companies of all sizes.

It helps users develop a digital presence quickly and extends their businesses, and saves time and money. Using intuitive templates and visual drag and drop editor can build their website from start to finish. This new feature is a great addition to the ecosystem of GetResponse.


To design sophisticated, visual websites for enterprises of all sizes, the builders use artificial intelligence. Users also can build a website with robust templates and visual drag and drop editor from scratch. Website Builder strengthens the digital marketing platform and value proposition of GetResponse.

It helps users develop a digital presence and expand their businesses quickly, saving time and money.

Full ecosystem marketing

With all the tools you need to run a business online, the new Website builder GetResponse is easily integrated. It includes a system of integrated marketing tools such as email marketing, automation, popups, chats, paid ads, webinars, web-push notifications, etc. In one application – at affordable prices – it’s no wonder that GetResponse outshines its competitors with all of your marketing solutions.


Creation of the AI-powered site

The builder uses advanced AI programming to create robust and comprehensive websites.

Users will immediately generate customized Web pages after answering some simple questions about their industries, businesses, preferences, or styling.

• Web building do-it-yourself

Users can create and customize their websites with ready-made support templates. Predetermined and blank templates include layouts, styles and fonts for specific categories of industry. An intuitive drag-and-drop editor can be used to customize unique website designs.

• Simplicity of design

The Website builder considers the end-user to forget coding skills, expensive programming and vulnerable plugins. With global design controls, you can change stylings, colours and fonts in one click for your entire website. Also, use the seamless integration with Unsplash, a highly rated stock photographic site of thousands of free images.

• Incorporated Popups Website

Popups on the website can be used to generate information, promote new content and features offers. There are a range of settings and personalization options available in popup form. Finally, builders can enjoy the comfort of building their website automatically,generates a mobile website and users can view their responsive websites in advance before and after publication, desktop and mobile devices.

• Full solution for the website

GetResponse offers hosting services together with domain services. Customers can use free domains, connect their own parts and purchase new domains through the Web builder. For security purposes, SSL certificates are included.

• Optimization of the search engine

Visibility, discovery and biological traffic help with SEO configuration. Add metadata and modify slugs to support keywords for titles and descriptions. In addition, select whether search engines should show your pages in search results.

• Analytics of performance

Check the analytics of the website for predefined and custom date areas. Data performance includes

Traffic, appliances, location, tracking clicks and form/popups.

• A platform all-in-one

Builder Web Site extends the whole range of marketing applications for GetResponse. Users can measure their activities capabilities and by having a set of essential marketing tools in one place.


• Four plans – Basic, Plus, Profi, and MAX – are available from GetResponse to companies.

• Price begins at $15, depending on the size and characteristics of the list.

• A free trial is offered for 30 days.

• The building site is available at no extra charge to you in any plan.

Market objective

Builder Website is suited for different market segments, including:

• SMB owners who are looking to get online with a website easily and quickly

• Sales professionals, consultants, freelancers and those interested in promoting and selling services

• Marketers looking to run a complete conversion funnel through the end-to-end marketing app

• Nonprofit organizations, schools and organizations looking for a solution for a trouble-free and intuitive website


The market for website builders and hosting is highly competitive. This is what distinguishes GetResponse from other service providers:

• DIY website building capabilities for AI and do-it-yourself.

• + 35 and blank templates designed to support the creation of websites

A complete hosting and domain services solution with single-place SSL certificates

• No need to worry about outdated themes and plugins that are potentially vulnerable

• Builder Web site is available at no extra cost in every plan.

• Builder website adds to their complete digital marketing ecosystem for smooth implementation

• Users can attempt to create a website for a 30-day free of charge with all our marketing tools

Finally, a mobile website is automatically generated, and users can preview their reactive websites before and after publication on a desktop or a mobile device.

Builder Web Site extends the whole range of marketing applications for GetResponse .


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