Sweet Odour Neutralising Hand Soap for your kitchen

With more and more people becoming stay‑at‑home chefs, children learning to cook, the NEW Sun Valley® Sweet Orange Odour‑Neutralising Foaming Hand Soap makes it easier than ever to keep away those bad smell in your kitchen. Whether you’re perfecting the family lasagna recipe or prepping a favourite seafood dish, the Odour‑Neutralising Hand Soap will eliminate lingering food‑prep odours on your hands with the power of sweet orange oil.

I have just put in my order today and experience it in real. See the demo below:

We have other products that hundreds of household in New Zealand and Australia love and use every day. They have created a shopping club where they save hundreds of dollars through discounts and “earn as you learn” opportunity. Everyone like discounts… I think you would like it.

For your curiosity, find out here


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