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A short synopsis from the 40 stories written in the bestseller “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a legacy”


My biggest takeaways from Anna Kelley’s story:

We are all unique and we’ve been given the wisdom and the heart to give what someone else needs to receive from us. This is what legacy means. Leaving a legacy is not something you do after you die, and is indeed far more than the great sums of money you leave to your family or an organization whose mission resonates with you.

Spending your valuable time and resources to show love to others and make a meaningful impact on their lives TODAY is also what legacy means. When you leave this kind of legacy before you die, you live your greater purpose. And if you do it well, this impact will create a ripple effect on the other generations and you will leave them better than they were before you met them!

Getting to know ourselves first is necessary before we discover what we are made for. This comes through a life of trial and error, and through various stages, where we all start focused solely on ourselves, and then move from a life of living to a life of giving: giving our time, energy, money and love for the benefit of others. That’s how we find our greatest purpose and that’s how we leave a far greater legacy!

Thank you, Anna, for being an example of how to make a meaningful, lasting, legacy impact!

More info: “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy” (p. 77)



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