Lesson 1 – My biggest takeaways from Mitzi Perdue’s story:

Every weekday for the following 8 weeks, I’ll share with you the lessons I learned from the 40 powerful stories written in the book “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy”, which I was honored to co-author with amazing people and iconic thought leaders.

1. “Do not be afraid of failure”. Failing is a sign you’re growing, you’re moving forward, you’re taking risks and leaving your comfort zone. It’s a sign you’re being brave and bold. So don’t be afraid of failing. Life will tell you soon enough if you’re climbing the right mountain or not. Rather, be afraid of remaining in the status quo.
2. “The only way to achieve true success in life is to express yourself in service of society”. We all belong to the same human family and what connects us all is our humanness. Once we realize that we all have our unique role to play in this Uni-verse, but at the same time we are all interconnected, we start to pursue a dream that is bigger than ourselves… and that’s where the magic occurs! In the same line of thought, Mitzi writes “If you want to be happy, think what you can do for somebody else. On the other hand, if you want to be miserable, think what’s owed to you.”

Thank you, Mitzi Perdue, for those reminders and for your significant contribution to this world!

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