Key drivers likely to impact investor risk sentiment and FX Markets in July

I wanted to emphasize the importance of Forex as a complimentary service that should be noticed. Remember, our clients save significant amounts, even from a single transfer!

Recently, a member of OFX assisted a referred client who had recently relocated to Australia. She shared that the Australian bank quoted her a rate that effectively cost her a staggering $15,000 in Forex margin to move her money. OFX saved the client AU$ 11,000, and her funds arrived in her St George account within one business day.

As the largest non-bank Australian Forex provider, they prioritize delivering premium rates and service. This reinforces your trust in our partnership and their exceptional care for you as our clients.

The following key drivers are likely to impact investor risk sentiment and FX markets in July:

Upcoming interest rate decisions from the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve are expected to hike rates by 25 bps, putting further pressure on living costs.

China’s sluggish economy and resulting yuan weakness are causing headaches for some commodity currencies and adding weight to growing global recession concerns.

Multiple economies are finding it challenging to meet the global inflation target of 2%, despite seeing drops in figures. A tight labour market and struggling economic growth continue to make this difficult. The good news is that you can save more, as expressed in the first paragraph.

A simple and cheap way to transfer money abroad. The rates are competitive (like 2 or 3% less than banks or even Travelex), and the app is fairly simple to learn and use. Typically transactions between the UK, Europe and Australia are within 1 working day. Their support is second to none. To those complaining about the id requirements, it’s international law you need to complain about. I’ve found it simple to comply. Rip-off banks can get stuffed! Update: so fast and efficient. ❤️

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