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If you demonstrate Blog This Wow to a potential customer because you know it is what they require and they don’t understand it, won’t even test it, and you become frustrated at their stupidity or lack of foresight…

Recognize that it takes time for a great idea to reach its full potential.

BTW is at the forefront of technology and marketing , and we’re proud of it.

In the words of Tissa, our friend and business mentor

Windows was not released until Microsoft was 18 years old, according to Microsoft.

Lego had been in business for 23 years when it introduced its now-famous Lego brick system.

Rolex had been in business for 23 years when it introduced the now-iconic Oyster Perpetual.

It was 32 years ago today that Disney (the company, not the man) opened the doors to its first theme park.

Prior to the release of the ground-breaking footage for “Life on Earth” in 1979, David Attenborough had been working in nature documentaries for 25 years prior to that.

Apple struggled for 14 years (1990-2004), during which time Steve Jobs served as CEO for six of those years.

It took James Dyson five years to prototype his vacuum cleaner and another ten years to get it on the market and into people’s homes.

Nike generated its first $1 million in revenue 12 years after its founding.

Onpassive has been working on their information technology system since 2018, and it has yet to be launched.

We can go on counting companies that we see today; they all took time to take off.

Allow yourself some wiggle room.

Because of our conditioning, we are led to believe that success occurs quickly and in a straight line. It’s just not true in this case. It takes time for success to even begin, and then it frequently encounters roadblocks along the way.

With that said, don’t sit around and wait for it to happen by accident. Assume that you are much closer to a breakthrough than you realise. The resources you require are only a few good pitches away if you have an innovative idea, a remarkable network, and the resources you require. You possess the tenacity and fortitude necessary to complete this task successfully.

You’ve got this, dude.

“PS Thank you, Tissa Godavitarne for all you do to find more innovative ways to give us opportunities others will be queuing up for down the road

We remember even today when WordPress was first released , and we no longer had to create websites that required FTP upload for each article and page we created “Daniel Priestley “

“If you really want something valuable, never give up, Focus on your Mission, and be open to seeing new Opportunities”Charles V Kaluwasha


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