Importance of coaching

In this recording, I was being coached by my mentor and author some time in December when I was writing my chapter in the co authored book, “Bringing Value,Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

-my background(Introduction)
-The first house in New Zealand
-Migration to Australia
-Investing opportunities in Australia
– Challenges in  business
-What it takes to be an entrepreneur
-Leadership styles in business
-How to source  funds for your project
-Building your brand-own a website
-Set short and long term goals
-Plan and save for retirement
-Critical skills to manage your business/investment
-Investment strategy
-Leveraging techniques
-Build systems to make work smarter
-Develop copywriting skills
-Networking is important in creating wealth
– Investor/ employee mindset

Watch the recording here

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