GoFounders Onpassive – 31 May, deadline to upgrade any Pending Founder positions

I am Sending a quick reminder about the deadline; if you have not upgraded ($97) the position gets deleted.

Here is the link

If no response in 1 day, I may upgrade that position myself or respond today if you would like to (or buy for family, friend) or offer it to any interested prospect. The date stamp remains the date it was signed for, an advantage for you.

But act fast as the transfer and payment must be made by 31 May. Also, this is a reminder of your referrals about this deadline. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Total Founders is now close to 670,000 and growing fast. More products are nearly ready, and a soft launch is expected soon and will last for up to 90 days before the full public launch.

For new people in my team,

I hope you can appreciate the vision which has brought all of these folks together. If so, you can take action right now by clicking on this link to become a Founder.

*Contact me if you have any questions.

[Visit site]

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