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How to Be Thankful in 2021 Despite Adversity

“Business and investing are collaborative endeavours.”

On Christmas, many people express gratitude for their family.

And Garrett considers our C J Investing Club to be family…

Not only does he get to know many of the members on a personal, one-on-one level, but also because of the incredible amount of gratitude shared…

Telling us how a simple shift in their financial mindset enabled them to increase family security, save their retirement, and even save their marriage.

And, while those are not results, we can guarantee you will achieve simply by joining C J Investing Club, they are hardly surprising.

After all, money is a major source of stress in many people’s lives.


When money is removed as a source of stress, amazing things can happen.

Unfortunately, many people believe that financial stress or indecision is “normal.”

Even those who are “achieving success” fall victim to this trap.

They continue to experience financial stress as a result of their fear of making financial mistakes with the money they’ve earned…

Alternatively, they are fearful of losing the nest egg they have accumulated.

This is what we refer to as a “scarcity” mentality, and Garrett, one of my mentors in Finance and Wealth Creation, is intimately familiar with it.

This is how it all began…

Garrett’s great-grandfather fled Italy to avoid corruption and excessive taxes.

It was preventing him from providing for his family in their small fishing village.

He came to America alone and spent the next seven years living in a tent to ensure his family had a better life.

He looked after sheep and worked in a coal mine, saving money to send to his family and eventually bring them to America.

Garrett credits his great-journey grandfather’s and sacrifice for motivating him to pursue his current endeavours.

Garrett frequently spends additional time during Wealth Builders Club monthly sessions answering questions and assisting members in gaining financial clarity — so they do not have to make the same sacrifices his grandfather did.

Because here is the heartbreaking reality…

Despite his grandfather’s desire to improve his family’s lot in life…

The most important lesson he taught his children and grandchildren was that they needed to work extremely hard and make whatever sacrifices they could.

As Garrett grew older, he witnessed his father and grandfather working harder than anyone else…

Nonetheless, they never felt utterly secure financially.

They were constantly concerned about their financial situation.

He even had an aunt who buried money in coffee cans to prevent it from being lost.

So when Garrett discovered a way to create financial security through the use of the wealthy’s financial systems?

It fundamentally altered his family’s trajectory.

Garrett’s first realisation was that hard work alone is insufficient.

Because hard work without a sound financial philosophy results in increased scarcity and financial stress. That is precisely what had occurred in his own family for three generations.

Wealth Builders Club provides you with access to a revolutionary new financial philosophy that teaches you how to work smarter, not harder.

Additionally, it connects you to Garrett, his experience, and the numerous people on whom he relies to make sound financial decisions.

Because Garrett made his second significant discovery early on when a wise mentor told him, “Business and investing are team sports.”

This mentor continued, “The reason employees and self-employed people frequently lose to business owners and investors is that they are individuals attempting to figure things out on their own, while facing a full team on the other side.”

And with the financial world and the economy in such a state of flux…

Going it alone can be a frightening prospect.

Particularly given the economic minefields that lie ahead of us.

There is no longer a need to venture alone into the financial unknown of 2021…

Garrett is committed to sharing the financial philosophy, tools, and team that transformed his life with members of his exclusive Wealth Builders Club programme over the next year.

As you can see, Garrett’s financial philosophy successfully reversed his family’s three-generation cycle of scarcity.

And that is probably the most gratifying aspect of his success…

Due to…

The majority of us work diligently for two reasons:

1. To enable us to live the lives we desire right now, and

2. So that we can provide a better life for our children and families and leave a lasting legacy.

That is why, during this Holiday Season…

Concentrate on what you can do to improve your life rather than on what you can do to improve your life.

Consider the sacrifices made by others to provide you with what you have today.

Because when you focus exclusively on what others have accomplished for you…

It assists you in sustaining GRATITUDE throughout the year, not just at Thanksgiving.

And that is an excellent vibe to carry forwards into 2021. (rather than focusing on all the negativity of 2020).

How effective is this?

Garrett shared a simple daily practise he uses to express gratitude to the people in his life during a recent Wealth Builders Club session.

He even went into detail about how to make it a consistent habit.

It enables him to direct his attention to the ways in which others assist and inspire him…

As a result, he can carry on his legacy of assisting others and transforming the world by creating more value than he consumes.

Consider the following:

Garrett’s great-grandfather had no idea his story would be shared nearly 100 years later…

However, Garrett’s actions in establishing a better life for his family inspired him — and our team — to assist others in establishing the life they desire.

Because of Garrett’s gratitude for his grandfather, we’ve already assisted tens of thousands on this journey…

And our mission is to assist one million people in achieving economic independence and breaking free from the constraints of scarcity…

All because of the sacrifices made nearly a century ago by Garrett’s great-grandfather.

Therefore, on this Thanksgiving…

Consider how those in your past shaped you into the person you are today.

And express gratitude for them.

However, recognise the power you hold in your hands right now.

Because the actions you take today, tomorrow, and the following day may appear insignificant…

However, they can have a profound effect on future generations of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Consider the following…

Years from now, one of your grandchildren will express gratitude for a risk you took this year…

A choice to eliminate scarcity…

To embrace plenty…

Additionally, to create long-term wealth for you and your family.

Garrett wants you to enjoy his legacy as well.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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