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I have some great news!

The internet has made things easier to help smart people like you create wealth while others are struggling to make ends meet.

I am sure you were intrigued when you signed up for my newsletter. You saw the value and said in your heart, “this sounds great!

Over the years I have learned that to make money you have to leverage systems that can speed up your wealth creation.

Others can argue that you can join affiliate companies and get paid commission.

The danger is that you are helping to build other peoples wealth. Instead, create your own product or system that will remain yours forever and leave a legacy.

That company may not be there in the next 5 years, and you will be left without anything. All the hard work, the list you built disappear for good.

That’s why Tisa has created this system you can own, built and fully powered by Blog This WOW:

You can build your own list, nature it because it will be connected to your website’s opt-in forms:

You don’t have to learn HTML or any coding. Everything is done for you within 24hours.

It even becomes sweeter when you become a Founding Member, the $200 custom build fee will be waived.

Another important component is that you will not be paying for hosting, all taken care of for you. How good is that…

You cannot find this service anywhere in the world.

And when your site is built, you will have a SECRET Easy as Email™ address for posting to your blog.

And you will have another SECRET EZ-Vlogger™ page for posting videos from your phone:

You will also have your DEMO email address that codes prospects to you forever, for example,

To build a relationship with others, you will have the opportunity to give away free demos simply by sharing your ‘WOW’ Page responsibly like mine here:

As a Founder, you have 200 extra demos (a $200 value) for a total of:

  • 1200 Demos

As a Founder you can give away this many fully-hosted WordPress sites:

  • 100 Sites

As a Founder, you will be charged a discounted monthly subscription fee. Details will be on the sales page

Awesome commissions await you

As a Founder you will earn the following commissions for all referred sales:

  • 40% monthly on all Customer subscriptions
  • 50% one-time on all Founder referrals

To refer to other like-minded Founders, follow these steps in this order.

So you can see the value in this system…

If you want to start making money, reply to this email and I will send you the link to sign up and have your system created.

Looking forward to helping you change your financial circumstances.

If you need any further assistance feel free to contact me.

Charles Kaluwasha

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