Entrepreneurial spirit and financial independence.

A short synopsis from the 40 stories written in the bestseller “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a legacy”


My biggest takeaways from Erik Mikkelson’s story:

1. Having great role models to learn from when you are a kid helps you achieve more in less time.

2. Always listen to the words of wisdom of the eldest. Erik’s grandpa taught him to fish when he was a kid (instead of just giving him a fish, according to the saying), and to save for himself, first for his future. That strong mindset paved the way for Erik’s entrepreneurial spirit and financial independence.

3. Most people are very emotional about their money and investments. To have a successful investing strategy, you need a system of saving and investing you believe in and adhere to through both good and bad times.

4. When you are faced with major decisions, ask yourself what is the worst-case scenario and plan for it. If you manage to deal with the worst, the rest is an upside.

5. “Patience, persistence and knowing when to set the hook” is at the core of the investment philosophy.

6. If there is anything in this world you would love to do, get up and do it!

Thank you, Erik Mikkelson, for honouring your grandfather (and all grandfathers in a way) and the wisdom of his experience through your story!

More info: “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy” (p. 82)



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