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Just a reminder to join me live to see how you can maximize your List and income with ListElevate.

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1. It is a full email marketing platform that builds your List for you and it is only $9.97 per month

I could easily charge $49.00 a month but I want it to be affordable to ANYONE!!

Why? I remember my first year online and I HATED being broke.

2. I made it a viral list building system that can literally build your email list for you because building your email list and contact list is the number one core thing you need to do to see success online.

3. Then we topped that by giving you my “Email Marketing Mastery” course for free (found in your members area here) that others paid $497.00 for for free so that you can come to be a true expert in email.

4. We also do live webinars all the time so that you can learn live, get your questions answered and also know that we are here to help you!

If you do not give up on me I will NEVER give up on you. Imagine an international List building business for $9.97 per month.. YES a whole whopping $119.64 a year!!

[Be sure to join me live today Friday January 20, 2023 at 11am Eastern right here” target=”_blank”>

I will see you live today… I am super excited to help you Charles..

Remember I truly care a lot as I remember my beginnings. I had no mentor so I am here for you forever!!

Below is what I emailed you yesterday…


Congratulations to all of you. So many people are seeing fast and massive success with List Elevate.

I know exactly why.

1. It is only $9.97 per month (no shenanigans)
2. It is SUPER SIMPLE to build a massive email list

We have had some huge players take one look at List Elevate and say to me “Joel this is a winner”

Thank you for your support so far!!

Top 20 Top Performance Leaderboard




Clay Montgomery


Michael Cheney


Shawn Casey


Great Opportunity


Richard Weberg and John Weberg


Jamie Lewis


Darrell D Hibbits


Stanley W Field


Allan Mantaring


Paul Darby Team




Darosy Ben Yssouf


Kirk Lindner


Rad Dad


Zoltan Debreceni


Susan Boston


Lee Murray


Alberto Aguiar


Julie dean


Gerald Bennett

How would you like to have a 100k email list to promote that you own?

Have you ever wanted to be at the right PLACE at the right TIME and with the right OPPORTUNITY?

Look no further..

ListElevate is an email marketing platform that leverages the power of others to build you a massive email list. The whole system is DONE FOR YOU.

As your email list builds, the system even does your email marketing for you!!

YES.. let others build you a massive email list that you can profit from for a lifetime!!

It’s your List. You get to promote whatever you want to it!

Take a look at the power of list building with List Elevate

Well, now is YOUR chance… because that opportunity is here…

Against All Odds ListElevate has all the ingredients of being a vehicle for success for ANYONE to create Massive success for themselves.

Thousands have already joined, and we’re just getting started.

ListElevate solves all the problems of Internet Marketing:

1. Recruiting & Attrition problem solved… With their unique Loyalty Program, you never have to recruit anyone because we build your List for you and market for you too!

2. High-Cost problem solved… with their very affordable pricing of only $9.97 per month, it is affordable worldwide

3. Too Many Products problem solved… with the 1 All-In-One product policy.. People LOVE building a massive money-making email list, and ListElevate does it 10x faster than any other company ever!

4. Complication problem solved… with their Simple Compensation Plan and very simple-to-use product that allows others to build them a massive money-making email list. Even your emails to send are Completely DONE FOR YOU!!

5. Poor Management problem solved… with their combined over 100 years experience of running successful companies.

6. No Person left behind policy… at only $9.97 per month, you get the system, all the commissions and top-level coaching every single week!

Lock in your position with this incredible opportunity.

==>>OK, now here is more info on the Company and Opportunity:

ListElevate has ALL the ingredients of a MASS APPEAL opportunity…

1. Life-Changing Multiple-Benefits All-In-One Product

2. Low Cost To Enter and Stay Active (just $9.97/month)

3. 200% direct compensation and 25% matching check for 75% total payout

4. Loyalty Profit Sharing

5. Guaranteed Income Program

6. Digital product, no shipping, no handling and top 75% commissions

7. Owned and Operated by highly experienced Networkers

8. One Product Company

9. Simple Comp Plan

10. Simple Opportunity

11. Uplifting Company Culture

12. Designed To Create A Movement With Millions Of People by automatically building you a money-making email list.

Quite simply, this is the most affordable and fastest way to make a full-time income online

Check it out now!!


I will see you inside ListElevate

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