Benefits Of Mentoring

According to many contemporary companies, mentoring is a well-known practice. It is also known as “coaching”. Mentoring is something that is good for those who are being mentored (mentees).

While it is true that there are several advantages to those who mentor, have you considered that mentoring can also have advantages for those who are mentored? The following article from “The Chronicle” highlights how mentoring benefits the mentee and the mentor as well. This clearly shows that it is not a one-way street.

Your teaching lessons may be a form of relearning for the mentor. The more you are confident and upright, the better you feel about yourself and your skills. Make sure you remind your mentees to believe in themselves and to identify their personal resources, then take a look at what you’ve learned on your own.

Mentorship forces you to stop what you are doing, reflect, and then step back to when you were being mentored. This will put their questions in context with your own experiences. That must have been very informative. When I was younger, what did I do to get through tough times?

Even though you’ve taken on the mentor role, this does not mean you know everything. Remember that you can learn from those you mentor and keep perspective on the perceived hierarchy. The mind is like a parachute; it should be open to new ideas. Their age is usually less than yours, and they are very current with current issues.

Your personal experience as a mentor will help you be a better leader. Remember that as you assist others, you are strengthening your leadership abilities. When mentoring, always be aware that it is all about them. You get collateral knowledge as well. Because of the things they have learned from your relationship, they are happy to share.

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