Angel Investor Program

Angel Investor Program

Discover How Busy Professionals Can Passively Invest & benefit from New Angel Investor Program.

We have attracted Top Agribusiness and Prime Businesses incorporating & registering on our robust and exciting first ever introduced program in Zambia and Africa.

Angel Investors can join on either of the two fronts.

1)Investing in agribusiness to fund processing equipment and packaging materials, where we will be working with 240 in organized farmer groups and cooperatives around Zambia. The processing equipment and packaging materials you fund are loans that you must recoup with 10-14% interest over 6-18 months, payable in equal monthly instalments.

The funds will be securely deposited into our participating bank, NATSAVE, before it is channelled to various projects.

The area of investment where to expect ROI, faster are:

1) Agriculture, where we do out a growing scheme with reputable organizations

* Chillie production

* Legume production (soybean, groundnuts, beans)

* Irish potatoes

2) Bulk merchandising (bulk cooking oil, salt, sugar, rice, and beans)

3) Butchery business (pork, beef, fish, chickens, and other products including mince, sausages, polony, and chilli bite)

4) Poultry and piggery (broiler, layers for egg production and pork)

5) Software development and e-Learning platform providing entrepreneurship and basic business skills to schools, colleges/universities, and the community at large.

Note: As a member of the Zambia Development Agency, we will be targeting export markets mostly the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Malawi, Botswana, and Namibia.

2)Invest in businesses that we shall facilitate incorporating and registering on our program. So far, we have launched and inducted 150 beneficiaries in Nyimba district to start learning. This will be at a 10-14% interest rate per year. We also recently signed an MoU with the Small Scale Industries Association of Zambia (SSIAZ) to teach their members many aspects of the concept program. This organization is established under an Act of Parliament. It is an umbrella organization for most, if not all SMEs in Zambia.

We are confident that this initiative will bring revenue in the short- and long-term investment for both you as investors and us as an organization.

We expect more organizations to come on board. We have launched a campaign in all regions starting from Chipata, to sensitize students/community members and those about to retire. The market is huge. So, if you want to grow with us and achieve more before others who may join later, talk to us or complete our application here!

The process

1) Make an application via CJ Investment online

1) Be subjected to an interview

2) We share investor agreement. Minimum amount required to invest is $5,000 if you want to get better return.

3) We both sign it if satisfied and close the deal

4)Funds deposited into our bank account at NATSAVE

5)Wait for dividends


1)Access to your ROI shall mature after three months of investment and six months in the agricultural business.

2)We shall calculate return on investment return on business investment such as e-learning/software, corporate, and general dealing shall be calculated after 18 months and on the applicable monthly flat rate as per our schedule.

3)Group of angel investors jointly registered on the same investment business of EDC/CJ Investiment; ROI shall be calculated proportionate to each investor’s overall investment amount.

4)Opportunity to re-invest at the end of the expiry period of 18 months if you write to us within seven days from the expiry date of this agreement.

When you are ready, get started today!

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