A referral program that rewards you

‘The Royale Travel Club’ offers a simple referral program that rewards you for helping us spread the message of our beloved destination club. Whether you are an existing member simply wanting to share our club for extra money or desire a more lucrative possibility, The Royale Travel Club referral program may be for you.

The travel industry is an 8 trillion dollar industry. Travel is also one of the most exciting and “shareable” experiences in people’s lives. For these reasons, it makes an excellent part-time or full-time business option.

Unlike complicated network marketing “pay plans”, with multiple levels and confusing commissions,

The Royale Travel Club is simple:

#1- Refer a new member to look at our club pricing and benefits, and when they pay their one-time initiation fee of $3,250 through your affiliate website, you are paid $1,000 in royalties per membership.

#2- No purchase of the membership is required to become an affiliate. And no stressful qualifications or high-pressure monthly quotas are necessary.

To take part in this opportunity, please contact us .

We also host yearly LIVE events for our affiliates to attend throughout the United States. You will hear from other successful affiliates at these events as they share their strategies for becoming a more effective affiliate.

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

Founder & C E O,

CJ Investiment.

Phone: +1 260-243-5500

Email: info@cjinvestiment.com

531 Taincrow way, Golden Bay, Perth

WA 6174


A referral program that rewards you

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