​Discover how to become financially free with just 5 houses!

Over a year has passed since my good friends and business partner George in the USA has hosted his first Bootcamp.

It is the ideal time to create a high income from Median Luxury Vacation Rentals and Single-family Homes if I told you that right now.

Properties like these are currently in demand in the market, and George and his team can help you locate them.

Now America is becoming a nation of renters, thanks to large amounts of money that are being dumped by the country’s big-money players and real estate funds.

Residential property that is 150 square feet or larger on the inside will typically rent for between $400 per week and $1,000 per night on the weekends.
Over the next year and a half, the new Airbnb will add 2 million new property listings to their platform.

At a 3x long-term rental revenue profit margin, Median Luxury Vacation properties consistently produce over 50,000 annual profits for you without you hosting the property.
This new 3.5-day Bootcamp will teach you how to achieve all of the above.

Register for AC Hotel in Phoenix, AZ from August 30 to September 2.

You will indeed learn something new.

Find the top properties

How to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement with homeowners who are both leasing and/or purchasing

An unforgettable experience can be created by correctly setting up the property.

How to draw a high volume of direct bookings to your listing

With that, I conclude…

They are seeking operators and partners to join them in the homeownership sector of the Median Luxury Size Homes category.

To be able to attend this special boot camp, only 25 seats are available.

It is first-come, first-served!

The advanced strategies the players have that give them an unfair advantage over the competition will be taught to you.

Click Here to fill out an application

​Discover how to become financially free with just 5 houses!

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